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House address:
4 Mount View Villas
Ali Ozkan Isik Sokak

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Contact information

Should you have questions regarding the accommodation, rental or otherwise,
do not hesitate to contact me:

Mr Joakim Feldt
Phone: +46 (0)708 99 59 59
E-mail: joakim@cypernhuset.se


Kordon Bayu (Rocks Hotel), Kyrenia/Girne
Phone: +90 (0)392 815 21 60.
Restaurant located in close proximity to the port with good international food / steak house and friendly staff. Advisable to reserve a table in advance! Situated opposite is their corresponding fish restaurant.
Kordon Bayu, Kyrenia/Girne
Phone: +90 (0)392 816 0711.
A better type of Chinese restaurant of high quality situated further along the same street. Reserve a table in good time.
Karaoglanoglu cad. Kervansaray
Phone: +90 (0)392 822 2002 alt. +90 (0)533 862 0482
Pleasant grill restaurant serving barbecues on hot stones at the table. Situated on the extension of the main street approx. 5 mins outside Kyrenia on the left.
Indian restaurant situated on the coast road to Kyrenia.
Esentepe village
Traditional Turkish cuisine. Quaint and pleasant.
Hati Café
Esentepe village
Traditional Turkish food with good seafood. Advisable to book a day in advance in order to ensure delivery of fresh fish!


Tango to Buddha
Karakum (just before Kyrenia),
Iskendurun Avenue No. 19,
Phone: +90 (0)392 815 0705.
Very pleasant club with a good restaurant. Arrive in good time in order to avoid any queues!


The city of Kyrenia offers extensive shopping where you can find almost anything. Similar facilities are also available in Famagusta. If you are looking for (genuine) brand products these can be found in the main city of Nicosia where there are a number of major brand stores. There is also a shopping center located outside Nicosia.


There are two small shops in the village of Esentepe where fresh bread and other produce can be purchased as well as more besides. Should you need any further shopping there are some larger supermarkets situated on the coastal road to and in Kyrenia.


Turkish Lira is the currency in use in northern Cyprus, however; Pound Sterling and Euro are often accepted.  The value of the Lira is approx 1:4 i.e. 100 SEK is worth approx. 25 lira. There are various banks situated along the coastal road to Kyrenia and there is also a Co-op bank in the village of Esentepe. In southern Cyprus, Euro is the main currency (and in some cases also Pound Sterling).